Der Tanz ist nicht nur ein Vergnügen, sondern ein seelisch nützliches Tun.

Lucian of Samosata

Dance is a very objective art, but it also combines an impartial law of movement with the subjective aspect - my own individual aspiration, my innermost longing. From a primal experience mankind knows that once a different, more harmonious relationship between body and soul was given. What we are creating through the dance in time and space is just there for the moment. It constitutes a school of knowledge that teaches the transcendent aspect of things, and what it means to know ourselves.

We can find the symbolic image of the divine round dances in every culture. And in dancing these old forms it is as though we are entering another time and are guiding this ancient knowledge into the present movement. It is like finding something again; you recognise it as something you have known; you have connected with the ancient stream of knowledge which flows on through you.




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I. Spain (Bilbao - Santiago de Compostela)
II. Greece and England

Dancing for Peace

2017 in Griechenland
2018 in England.
Only in German Language

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16 CDs with dances and choreo­graphies by Friedel Kloke-Eibl - 6 CDs with dances and choreo­graphies by Saskia Kloke and 4 folk­lore CDs. To be ordered from the Aus­bildungs­institut

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