2nd Advent

Wishing you a blessed Advent and merry Christmas

Yesterday it snowed in Bavaria. My first thought was: O God, shovel the car free, and danger of slipping etc. etc. The reaction of my Brazilian goddaughter Laiane on the other hand embarrassed me: 'Snow seems like a magical miracle to me!'

Like Eugen Drewermann, I believe that this world can be redeemed through the power of beauty, but only if you can see it. The ancients believed that beauty is the gleam of light from the sun in the morning when its rays spread out and become like hands that bless. In these times of seclusion, when we are not allowed to visit concerts, theaters, museums etc. and also dancing is not possible, we still have so many beautiful things, e.g. the beauty of the sickle of the moon and the starry sky at night. “Beauty is the power to experience the world as a unity, undivided and in such a way that there is no longer any part of it that should be perceived as a danger. Beauty is the first and purest poetry of God about all forms in the world. " I wish you open eyes in which the sky can be reflected and a wide heart.

My hope, peace, joy and love fill your home and heart.