Revised edition of the book “Dancing for Peace” – bilingual version – German/Englisch (72 pages)


Vergesset nicht
wir reisen gemeinsam

 besteigen Berge
pflücken Himbeeren
lassen uns tragen
von den vier Winden

Vergesset nicht
es ist unsere
gemeinsame Welt
die ungeteilte
ach die geteilte

die uns aufblühen lässt
die uns vernichtet
diese zerrissene
ungeteilte Erde
auf der wir
gemeinsam reisen

Rose Ausländer

It is wonderful that the dance “Prayer of the Mothers” (CD Esperanza) has become so popular all over the world.
“… Light is rising from the east – to the prayer of the mothers of peace."

“Prayer of the Mothers” is a song written by the musician and songwriter Yael Deckelbaum, Miriam Toukan and a group of women who belong to the peace-making organization “Women Wage Peace.” This organization founded the “March of Hope“ in October 2016. 4,000 Arabic and Jewish women took part in it and 15,000 women manifested their commitment for a peaceful world afterwards in Jerusalem. Leymah Gbowee, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for her non-violent fight for the safety of women and women´s rights, also took part in the march.

“Women of the World Unite” sing: It is about time that women wake up from their beauty sleep…society needs a reassessment and a new development… we all have a responsibility for the preservation of life… women of the world unite!”

I am extremely delighted that Regina Olschewski-Boldt and Anita Patzschke are organizing this year´s Dancing for Peace led by my daughter Saskia and me in Berlin on the World Peace Day.

Friedel Kloke-Eibl

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